Boost Your Next Event Production Budget by 30% to 40%!

Formally operated as Shepherds Loft, all video production is now owned by W. David Grubb at Events Replay LLC.

If you are looking for a way to raise funds for your Church Event, Business Conference, School Musical, School Play or Dance Performance then consider Events Replay’s video production services. We will help you raise money for your events by producing ads and production videos.

Keep %30 of DVD Sells

Events Replay has been helping the Ellijay Primary and Elementary Schools since 2006. You keep %30 of the money collected from the sales. For example a program that sells 100 DVD’s or subscriptions let’s you keep $300 just for taking orders. We will create an order form for you to take orders.

Keep %50 of the Video Ads

Sell ads to support your Event. Sponsor advertisements can be placed on the beginning of the video for lasting value. If you have multiple events we can re-use the commercial for all the videos. We recommend selling the ads for the calendar year if you have more than one event.

Keep %100 of the Printed Program Ads and Donations

We will give you a Donation letter and a Program Ad form in PDF format. Email or fax these to potential Donors and Local Businesses to boost your Event budget.

Help Give A Priceless Memory

For schools the most important fact is that the student and his/her family receive a quality everlasting memory of the event. These moments with their classmates will last forever. It makes the best home entertainment gift on the market.

Events Replay provides video filming, editing and distribution. It normally takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete your video production depending on Holidays. DVD’s are delivered to your location for you to distribute or delivered directly on line by membership access.

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